Jellyfish Perc Bubbler Pipe-8" Height s271

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Jellyfish Perc Bubbler Pipe

The jellyfish perc bubbler can give you silky smooth hit thanks to its 11 arms, the 11 arms have tree diffusion slits, the jellyfish perc in the Jellyfish Perc Bubbler diffuses your smoke or vapor plenty of times before it reaches your mouth. If you have never heard of a jellyfish perc, you can liken it to a tree perc. Like a tree perc, a jellyfish perc has numerous arms with diffusion slits on the end of each one. The real distinction between the jellyfish perc and the tree perc is the number of arms and placement. The jellyfish perc has more arms, which give the perc a jellyfish appearance. The arms of the perc mimic the tentacles of a jellyfish. Furthermore, tree percs tend to reside in the secondary chamber above the main chamber. However, the jellyfish perc is located within the main chamber. In this case, the jellyfish perc is both the filtration device and the centerpiece of decoration. It is rare for a perc to be the centerpiece of a pipe, but the hasmoke Jellyfish Perc Bubbler executes it well. There is a long bent neck which allows you to have a more comfortable position while inhaling. The flatly rounded mouthpiece, along with the bent neck, creates a very sleek appearance when paired with all clear glass. Furthermore, the smaller size of the bubbler makes it easier to transport from place to place. Not only does its small size make it more portable, but it also makes it easier to use the piece. Instead of having to use the bubbler on a table or flat surface, this bubbler can be brought directly to your lips. The Jellyfish Perc Bubbler is a perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand. this piece is worth every penny. I'm in love with it.

Main Features

-8 Inches Tall

-Base Diameter: 3.7"/9.5cm

-11 Arms

-Thick Glass

-Clear Glass

-Bubbler Pipe

-Round Mouthpiece

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